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Your Vision, Our Mission

We help founders and companies to turn their great ideas into amazing apps, products and services that people love.


Great Tools, Great Outcomes

We have plenty of tools in our garage. These are the tools that we can honestly claim expertise over.

Ways Of Engaging

We engage with our clients in multiple ways. Most of the time are the mixture of these primary roles.
You want to streamline your business workflow but you're not sure if you're doing it right. We work with your team in the development process.
Embedded Team
You got an idea and some fundings, but you don't want to hire a development team as it could be expensive. Let Jiannius be your development team.
You need a technical partner in a specific project. We work closely with your team to deliver the maximum value to your client.

Our Works

Here are some of the products that we have worked on, both for our clients, and for ourselves.
“The solution provided by Jiannius team exceeded the expectations in the difficult timeframe provided. The capability of them providing efficient and organized project management is amazing. Overall we are very happy in such a highly successful collaboration.”
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